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The Al Marasim Salon is one of UAE’s Ladies Beauty Center. Full services are offered involving a wide variety of beauty care services of the most affordable, excellent quality in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Break free from your tiring daily routines and take out the time to pamper yourself like Royalty. Sip on coffee and free snacks while being taken care of by our professional staff with expert service in haircuts and new looks.

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Our expert technicians and salon specialists have trained for years to provide amazing looks an services.


One of the first and premier beauty salons in Dubai. We offer unrivaled quality and are famous as the leaders for henna in the UAE. With staff trained in Europe and across the Middle East, caring owners who are at the salon daily, and a full range of ever-expanding services, Al Marasim is a family-run establishment that maintains the highest standards. Our professional make-up and hairdressing team learned their craft in London, and our staff for nails, facials, Moroccan baths, and other services undertake the latest training courses to be fully up to date with the latest treatments. We use only the highest quality products and hope to welcome you warmly through our doors in the near future.

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Al Marasim Salon, you will experience exceptional levels of relaxation and luxury. It begins with the ambience.

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Feel And Look Beautiful With Our Wonderful Hair, Nail And Body Treatments

Al Marasim Salon beauty center always aims to maintain its’ customer’s satisfaction. If you need a service and can’t come for any reason our professional staff can reach you, just call to fix an appointment.

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