We offer full-body waxing services, but our Waxing Services are only for women.

Our fully-trained therapists perform all depilation treatments at our discretion. The type of hair to be removed and the area being treated determine which waxing method is used.

For full body waxing, we use Brazilian wax. Many people are confused about which wax is best for their particular area. For fine hair, strip wax is great for leg waxing, back waxing, and for eyebrow waxing. It can be very precise and it's ideal for women. Hot wax is also known as non-strip, hard, or Brazilian wax. It is thick. Hot wax is used for facial and underarm waxing. Hot wax is not as hot as strip wax. It's also more comfortable because it's applied to intimate areas.


Who We Are

The essence of Al Marasim Salon lies in the beauty of metamorphosis when the transformation brings out your true gorgeous self. It’s a transformation that stems from ‘Awakening your Inner Beauty. Our individuality is discovered through conversations, which ultimately lead to astonishing transformations. Long hair changes into stylish bobs, subtle brown hair gives way to stunning red, blue, green, or purple manes and bare nails turn into glamorous tips.


A lot of personal attention is given to every step of your makeover; right from understanding your personality, preferences, and vibe to choosing a style that best suits you, from selecting the products to the styling.


At Al Marasim Salon, you will experience exceptional levels of relaxation and luxury. It begins with the ambiance. The lavish, modern space is tastefully designed to create a zen-like soothing effect.


Understanding your beauty requirements is our passion. Elegantly designed, Al Marasim Salon is the destination for women who want a comfortable, clean, and wallet-friendly beauty experience.


Nobody understands beauty enhancement as much as we do. Providing personalized quality beauty care at its best from head to toe, Al Marasim Salon is your answer to all your beauty needs in Al Wasl.